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Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

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Are you looking to enhance your deep tissue massage therapist proficiency to help boost your career prospects? Building a satisfying career can be a lifelong process but if you want to gain a competitive edge in your job search, look no further!

With this Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course, you will build the solid foundation you need to kickstart a successful career in the deep tissue massage therapy industry.

The course covers the essential things you need to know to boost your career within the deep tissue massage therapy. It provides you with the ability to improve your earning potential.

Covering everything you need to know to boost your career within deep tissue massage therapy, this industry recognised certification includes 73 comprehensive bite-sized modules that you can learn in your own time, pace and environment. Complete your course and earn your qualification in just 4 hours, 49 minutes with dedicated online support you can trust and rely on.

Why Learn With Queen Mary Academy?

  • 50,000+ students worldwide
  • Start a new career or advance your current one & land your dream job
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Benefits You Will Gain

  • No hidden fees.
  • 24/7 access to the Learning Portal.
  • Receive the UK and globally recognised certificate on completion of the course.
  • Qualified tutor support and exceptional customer service.
  • Access the Learning Portal whenever you want 
  • Learn from industry-leading experts.

Who is this course for?

Whether you are looking to enhance your employment prospects, boost your CV with essential skills or climb the career ladder to a higher position, this Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course will work as an initial step towards earning an internationally-recognised qualification that could prove invaluable for your career.

This Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course has been designed for learners who are looking to gain the skills and credentials to fast track a fulfilling career in deep tissue massage therapy.

Entry Requirement

The Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course is for learners of all levels, with no specific enrolment requirements; all you need is the commitment to learn, knowledge of the English language, and basic numeracy and IT skills. Students must be over the age of 16.


Once you have successfully completed the Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course, you will receive an accredited certificate from Queen Mary Academy as validation of your new skills. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £12, or a hard copy can be sent via post at the cost of £27.

Career path

On successful completion of the Deep Tissue Massage Therapist course, learners will have the knowledge, skills and credentials to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. Students will be able to add this qualification to their CV/resume, giving them a head start in their chosen field.


Course Curriculum

Massage intro to course 00:01:00
I know what I said, a PDF file..ahh, forget it. 00:02:00
You can join our Facebook group if you want, its a great resource! 00:01:00
The Massage Essentials
Why this section is the most important section in the entire course 00:05:00
Download the summary of this section from the resources here 00:01:00
Massage Tables-The 4 Most Important considerations 00:06:00
Creams and Oils-Whats Great and whats not 00:02:00
The Set up for the table 00:04:00
Some things that make the massage experience even more amazing. 00:03:00
It’s All in The Timing! 00:03:00
Why i Don’t include these things in my massages 00:04:00
Do no Harm 00:01:00
The Perfect Person to Practice your massage on 00:02:00
Why Most Therapists don’t last- and what to do instead 00:05:00
Now is the time to put the time in. 00:01:00
Some other factors to consider before you get started 00:04:00
Contraindications of Massage, intake forms and more 00:01:00
What to consider if you want to do an aromatherapy massage2 00:04:00
The massage strokes-correct and incorrect ways
Now lets look at the massage strokes 00:01:00
The importance of using soft hands vs rigid 00:01:00
Mastering the effleurage stroke to give a great beginning to the massage 00:03:00
This stroke is done so poorly so often-kneading 00:04:00
The scissor stroke- how to do it correctly 00:02:00
Using your forearms correctly will win your client over completely 00:07:00
Acupressure techniques- The correct and incorrect ways to perform them 00:06:00
How to apply the correct pressure for an amazing massage experience. 00:04:00
Full Body Deep tissue Massage
Its time to start putting the techniques that you learned to work 00:01:00
Some of my favorite massage music for you to listen to. 00:01:00
Massage start sequence 00:05:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the back 1 00:15:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the back 2 00:07:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the back of the legs 00:09:00
Legs Prone Stretching 00:02:00
How to turn the client over with the towel 00:04:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the neck 00:07:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the arms and hands 00:05:00
Deep tissue massage techniques for the front of Legs 00:03:00
Front of Legs stretching techniques 00:02:00
Full Massage Sequence-There is no sound for a reason
This is really important to do before you start your massage 00:01:00
Full Body Massage Sequence 00:55:00
A Little Bonus! Chair Massage(Body Mechanics) 00:03:00
A Little Bonus! Chair Massage (Techniques) 00:06:00
A Fun Look At Our Anatomy And Physiology.
Welcome to the World’s quickest anatomy and physiology lessons 00:01:00
The Integumentary System 00:01:00
The Skeletal System 00:01:00
The Muscular System 00:01:00
The Cardiovascular System. 00:01:00
The Digestive System 00:01:00
The Nervous System 00:01:00
The Respiratory System 00:03:00
Starting Your Own Business-what to consider
Working and making money as a therapist 00:10:00
Are you an entrepreneur? 00:02:00
What marketing ideas have I found to be successful? 00:08:00
My two top tips for massage therapists 00:04:00
Questions from my students and other cool stuff
Here I answer many common questions that I get from my students 00:01:00
Great ways to earn more money per client 00:03:00
The torture tool that I have grown to love! 00:04:00
Not the friend too! 00:02:00
No cell phones allowed! 00:02:00
The water after massage to flush away toxins myth 00:01:00
The Palpation Challenge! Can you beat me? 00:02:00
How to massage the really hairy client 00:01:00
Should you massage someone that is pregnant? 00:02:00
The qualities of the carrier oils and massage blends 00:01:00
An important word about using essential oils 00:04:00
What do I do to help my body physically?2 00:14:00
Balms, Salves and Liniments-How do they actually work? 00:02:00
What helps DOMS? ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) 00:06:00
Muscle cramps are not due to what you think they are. 00:02:00
Congratulations! 00:01:00
So how do you get your certificate from me? 00:02:00
Does this certificate allow me to start working?2 00:01:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate 00:00:00

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Deep Tissue Massage Therapist



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