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Copywriting Masterclass

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Are you looking to enhance your copywriting proficiency to help boost your career prospects? Building a satisfying career can be a lifelong process but if you want to gain a competitive edge in your job search, look no further!

With this copywriting masterclass course, you will build the solid foundation you need to kickstart a successful career in the copywriting industry.

The course covers the essential things you need to know to boost your career within the copywriting. It provides you with the ability to improve your earning potential.

Covering everything you need to know to boost your career within copywriting, this industry recognised certification includes 64 comprehensive bite-sized modules that you can learn in your own time, pace and environment. Complete your course and earn your qualification in just 5 hours with dedicated online support you can trust and rely on.

Why Learn With Queen Mary Academy?

  • 50,000+ students worldwide
  • Start a new career or advance your current one & land your dream job
  • Most in-demand skills for today’s job market
  • Award-winning Customer Support
  • Partnered with biggest accreditors in the world

Benefits You Will Gain

  • No hidden fees.
  • 24/7 access to the Learning Portal.
  • Receive the UK and globally recognised certificate on completion of the course.
  • Qualified tutor support and exceptional customer service.
  • Access the Learning Portal whenever you want 
  • Learn from industry-leading experts.

Who is this course for?

Whether you are looking to enhance your employment prospects, boost your CV with essential skills or climb the career ladder to a higher position, this copywriting masterclass course will work as an initial step towards earning an internationally-recognised qualification that could prove invaluable for your career.

This copywriting masterclass course has been designed for learners who are looking to gain the skills and credentials to fast track a fulfilling career in copywriter.

Entry Requirement

The copywriting masterclass course is for learners of all levels, with no specific enrolment requirements; all you need is the commitment to learn, knowledge of the English language, and basic numeracy and IT skills. Students must be over the age of 16.


Once you have successfully completed the copywriting masterclass course, you will receive an accredited certificate from Queen Mary Academy as validation of your new skills. Certification is available in PDF format, at the cost of £12, or a hard copy can be sent via post at the cost of £27.

Career path

On successful completion of the copywriting masterclass course, learners will have the knowledge, skills and credentials to enter the relevant job market, with the confidence to explore a wide range of industry-related professions. Students will be able to add this qualification to their CV/resume, giving them a head start in their chosen field.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:04:00
How To Navigate This Course – Watch This Video 00:03:00
The Psychology of Selling
Get Your Psychology Right 00:06:00
13 Sales Buttons You Need to Know How to Push 00:07:00
Copywriting to Sell 10 Steps You Must Know 00:06:00
What are The Eight Universal Motivators 00:06:00
How to Overcome Objections 00:08:00
12 Secret Steps to Mastering the Basics of Copy Writing
12 Secret Steps – Introduction 00:02:00
12 Steps – AIDA 00:01:00
12 Steps – Audience 00:02:00
12 Steps Format 00:02:00
12 Steps – Pain 00:01:00
12 Steps – Scarcity 00:02:00
12 Steps – Objections 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Headlines 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Risk 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Benefits 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Simplicity 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Readability 00:02:00
12 Secret Steps – Endorsements 00:02:00
Copywriting Formulation - Understanding the Building Blocks of Great Copywriting
Introduction to Copywriting Formulation 00:02:00
Starting with AIDA 00:06:00
PAS Problem Agitation Solution 00:04:00
The 4 Ps 00:03:00
QUEST 00:03:00
BASICS: How to Edit Sales Copy
Can You Write Better Sales Copy 00:05:00
20 Ways to Write Better Copy 00:11:00
Seven Guidelines for Editing 00:06:00
How to Write Headlines
What You Need to Know to Write Great Headlines 00:06:00
14 Step Formula to Writing Great Sales Copy 00:06:00
Copywriting for Online Course Landing Pages
Step 3 Reveal Your Solution 00:02:00
Step 4 Credentials 00:02:00
Step 5 Demonstrate the Benefits 00:03:00
Step 8 Add Bonuses 00:01:00
Step 9 Guarantees 00:02:00
Copywriting for Long Form Sales Letters
Five Formulations for Sales Letters 00:02:00
The Five Point Sales Letter Formula 00:03:00
The Seven-Step Copywriting Formula for Sales Letters 00:04:00
The Nine Point Formula 00:05:00
The 18 Step Sales Letter 00:06:00
21 Part Sales Letter Formula 00:08:00
Bonus: 32 Step Power Copywriting Formula 00:07:00
Copywriting for Blog Posts
Copywriting for Testimonials 00:05:00
Copywriting for Bullet Points 00:05:00
Blog Post Editing Check List 00:08:00
Blog Post Copywriting Formula 00:09:00
A Simple Formula for Blog Posts 00:04:00
Copywriting for Blogs – Introduction 00:09:00
Copywriting for High Converting Promotional Videos
How to Create a High Converting Promotional Video 00:06:00
The Promotional Video for This Course Following the Script 00:02:00
The Promotional Video – Version 2 00:02:00
2018 Update; The Formula for a Promotional Video 00:03:00
2018 Copywriting Course Promotional Video 00:02:00
Copywriting for Landing Pages
Copywriting for Landing Pages 00:04:00
Copywriting for Video Sales Letters
What is a Video Sales Letter 00:02:00
How To Write an Attention Grabbing Video Sales Letter Headline 00:03:00
Video Sales Letter Basics 00:03:00
Video Sales Letter Outline 00:07:00
Copywriting for Email
Copywriting for Email 00:06:00
ACTIVITY: Analysis of a Long Form Story Telling Email 00:07:00
Email Copywriting Analysis 1 00:05:00
How to Write Effective Welcome Emails 00:10:00
Copywriting for Twitter
Copywriting for Twitter: Entertain and Engage – Be Brief! 00:07:00
Conclusion and Course Wrap Up
Conclusion and Course Wrap Up 00:03:00
Obtain Your Certificate of Achievement
Order Your Certificate of Achievement 00:00:00

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Copywriting Masterclass



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